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Past Presidents
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Keys to Professional Growth for 55years, since 1963

Past Presidents

Year                                Name                                                          Association

1963                     Lloyd Bloodworth                    NM Hotel & Restaurant Association

1964                     Nelson T. Turner                     NM Automotive Dealers Association

1965                     Joseph W. Palmer                   Petroleum Industries Committee

1966                     Denton R. Hudgeons              NM Bankers Association

1967                     William Williams                      REALTORS Association of NM

1968                     W. Howard Parsons                Home Builders Association of NM

1969                     Robert Talbott                        NM Cattle Growers

1970                     William D. Ross                      Mechanical Contractors Association

1971                     Arthur A. Rice                       NM Assn. of Independent Insurance Agents

1972                     William Kundrat, Jr.                 NM Retail Association

1973                     Howard M. Cowper                 NM Hotel & Restaurant Association

1974                   David M. McCoy                NM Builders Branch, Associated General Contractors   

1975                     Walter Williams                       Albuquerque Board of REALTORS
1976                     J.O. “Larry” Larson                  NM Motor Carriers Association

1977                     Harold J. “Doc” Weiler            Association of Commerce and Industry

1978                     Bob Gold                               NM Retail Association

1979                     James L. LaCombe                  NM Hospital Association

1980                     Ray Berube, CAE                    NM Automotive Dealers Association

1981                     Jack Hilligoss                          NM Pharmaceutical Association

1982                     Max M. Mansur                       Albuquerque Board of REALTORS

1983                     Randy M. Marshall                   NM Medical Society

1984                     Howard Shaver                      NM Hospital Association

1985                     Jack Ruggs                            NM Restaurant Association

1986                     Judith Brown                         NM Nurses Association

1987                     Kate Warder                          NM Society of Professional Engineers

1988                     Truett Gill                              NM Grocers Association

1989                     Tim C. Rutledge                     Associated General Contractors

1990                     Robert T. Bersell,                    AAI  Independent Insurance Agents of NM

1991                     Doris E. Conley                       NM Optometric Association

1992                     Ernest D. Cuaron                    NM Foundation for Medical Care

1993                     Darwin Van De Graaff              NM Oil & Gas Association

1994                     Ann Woodrow, CAE               NM Academy of Family Physicians

1995                     R. Dale Tinker                       NM Pharmaceutical Association

1996                     David M. McCoy                     Association Management, Inc.

1997                     Gari Fails, CAE                        NM Society of CPAs

1998                     Jerry C. Walker                      Independent Community Bankers Assn. of NM

1999                     Joie Glenn, CAE                     NM Association for Home Care

2000                   Joe Menapace                      Joseph Menapace & Associates 

2001                     Vicki Mora                              NM Building Branch, Associated General Contractors

2002                     John A. Carey                        Association of Commerce and Industry
2003                     Thom Turbett                        Independent Insurance Agents of NM
2004                     Charles Henson                      NM Automotive Dealers Association
2005                     Katrina Stephenson                AAA New Mexico LLC – Travel Agency Services
2006                     John Vrabec                          Financial and Security Products Association

2007                     Carol Wight                           New Mexico Restaurant Association
2008                     Caren Cowan                         New Mexico Cattle Growers Association
2009                     Sylvia Lyon                             Credit Union Association of New Mexico
2010                     David Roddy                           New Mexico Primary Care Association
2011                     Maralie W. Belonge                 Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UNM
2012                     Ann E. Singer, CAE                 Rotary Club of Albuquerque

2013                     Bernadette Jaramillo-Peck,CAE        Building Owners & Managers Assn/UNM Parent Association

2014                     Mike Bowen                            New Mexico Mining Association

2015                     H. Diane Snyder                      Greater Albuquerque Medical Association

2016-17                Ralph McClish                       New Mexico Osteopathic Medical Association
2018                     Kelle Senye                           Apartment Association of New Mexico